The Onpage SEO Audit

The onpage seo audit for business

The Onpage SEO Audit is a proven procedure used to identify how well your website performs for keyword searches and rankings. Before you do anything else, an audit of your website should be your first priority.

How Well Does Your Website Perform for Search?

An important part of getting more customers leads and inquiries from your website is to understand how well it’s optimized for internet searches. To do that, an “onpage seo audit” should be performed periodically to uncover areas of your website that may need improvement. There may be technical (coding) or content issues that may keep your site from reaching the first page of a web search. Regular reviews and evaluation will highlight areas that may need improvement or updating.

Scanning Your Site for OnPage SEO Errors

The onpage seo audit consists of scanning the pages of your website to look for technical and content errors. The scanning will uncover how well your website is optimized for specific keywords crucial for attracting new customers and business. And once the audit is completed, typically within 24-48 hours, specific goals and strategies can be identified to correct content problem areas after a thorough review. Depending on the number of changes and updates, a recommended time frame to complete the work can be determined.

Implement and Measure Changes

Once the changes and updates have been implemented, schedule follow-up audits and review them with keyword ranking and website traffic reports. It’s a good idea to routinely audit your website at least 3 to 4 times a year. Proactive website audits will make sure that your site is properly optimized and able to capture new business. And you’ll be quick to notice new competitors, shifting industry trends, and algorithm updates.

Get More Customers and Business

Take the next step and get an onpage seo audit for your company website. It’s a proven procedure used by professional SEO experts to get new prospects and customers to discover your business. Before anything else, an audit of your website should be your first priority.

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